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Take responsibility for a new cultural era!

Redefine, consolidate, give future to traditional international trade relations, international understanding and science. Respect and protect people and cultures!

Weg von der Schnelllebigkeit – hin zu neuen Traditionen

Neue Traditionen leben von Beständigkeit, Langlebigkeit, Nachhaltigkeit, Ressourcen schaffen, bleibende Werte, Respekt vor alten Traditionen, Fairem Handel, Heilendem Umweltbewusstsein.

Unabhängig - Frei - Überpolitisch - Zukunftsweisend



Board of Trustees | scientific advisory board | Supervisory Board | Student Advisory Board

Members, managers, executives of New Hanseatic League international  show you the way into the future!


With the new research area YourEarth we are establishing a new science. This new science offers a completely new subject area that is compatible with all existing departments and faculties at colleges and universities.

You can learn and study this new knowledge of the departments of YourEarth. To this end, we will be offering courses from 2021 that will impart the new knowledge to you. You will receive certificates and title certificates that confirm the successful completion of the course and training.

These title certificates are to be equated with the appointments to doctorate and professor, even if the YourEarth teaching uses different designations. This separation and delimitation of the nominations is necessary in order to give the graduates a special position, which should open new professional doors for them to a future-oriented world of education, business and finance.

Even if YourEarth is at the very beginning of a success story, it is foreseeable that this new science will significantly write the future story of a human race.

In order to offer the science, business and finance world the opportunity to use this new knowledge in advance, we have created the opportunity for you to appoint YourEarth service providers to the scientific advisory board of your organization.

So if you want to align and manage universities, companies, political parties or banks in a future-oriented manner, you can count on our support. To do this, simply fill out the form below as a template for making an appointment.



Active partner for Environmentally beneficial world trade & world understanding

New Hanseatic League international brings goods and services to customers around the world.

The scientific advisory board of the New Hanseatic League international advises companies, corporations, governments, colleges, universities and international organizations.



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