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Take responsibility for a new cultural era!

Redefine, consolidate, give future to traditional international trade relations, international understanding and science. Respect and protect people and cultures!

Weg von der Schnelllebigkeit – hin zu neuen Traditionen

Neue Traditionen leben von Beständigkeit, Langlebigkeit, Nachhaltigkeit, Ressourcen schaffen, bleibende Werte, Respekt vor alten Traditionen, Fairem Handel, Heilendem Umweltbewusstsein.

Unabhängig - Frei - Überpolitisch - Zukunftsweisend



What are the goals of New Hanseatic League international ?


With a new worldview, New Hanseatic League international is establishing a completely new understanding of society and the economy, which is supposed to grow up to be compatible with the current, outdated system, as a new, independent, "dual system". This creates new economic and financial markets that support and strengthen the current, prevailing system in order to transform it carefully.

New Hanseatic League inter-national operates worldwide. Particular attention is paid to the scientific justification of new worldviews, which can be achieved by comparing new, compatible research projects with current research projects and thus motivating them. The aim is to create a scientific synthesis that opens new doors for current research in order to redefine ongoing research projects and research results. This in turn creates new, additional economic and financial markets that strengthen the current, dominant system in order to transform it holistically, to renew it.

This approach allows all areas of society, economy, technology, science and teaching, medicine, politics, philosophy, etc. to go new ways that lead humanity into a peaceful future.

Such structural changes have been carried out many thousands of times in human history. The difference, however, lies in the fact that until a few decades ago independently functioning social and economic models existed. Now we are talking about the transformation of a global, monopoly world community that is splintering.

An earth community still clings to prevailing structures, which, however, have to bow to the inevitable changes of a million-year-old world history. Anyone who now believes they are following a science fiction vision can be reassured. It is just a new cultural epoch with a necessary leap in time that does justice to the developed intellect of us humans.


Registration of concerns, imminent danger - in brief

As a mobile communications expert and appraiser, I report concerns and risks in arrears:

The “digital world” is carried by a microchip technology, the functionality of which is to be guaranteed by just a few atoms per “switching process” over the next few years. However, no scientist can explain what or who atoms actually are. As far as I know, the scissors for microchip development / dropouts of individual atomic structures will close in about 20-30 years at the latest. This means that the "digital world" is already counted today!

Since there is no alternative to the digital world, the question arises why no scientist reports any concerns? This leaves room for speculation, which I do not wish to elaborate on at the moment. Knowing the true background, I say today: “Sponge over it”, because I am looking for a successful collaboration with the universities, whose urgent, unreserved support and participation is essential.

Summary / conclusion

Results of "YourEarth.de" research and use of anticipated innovations and patents are primarily reserved for members of Neue Hanse International. Global capitalization creates new, additional economic and financial markets and promotes peaceful social changes.

Your Anton Mertens ©

We welcome you to the New Hanseatic League international!

In the following chapters you will find out more about the new Hanse International.



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