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Take responsibility for a new cultural era!

Redefine, consolidate, give future to traditional international trade relations, international understanding and science. Respect and protect people and cultures!

Weg von der Schnelllebigkeit – hin zu neuen Traditionen

Neue Traditionen leben von Beständigkeit, Langlebigkeit, Nachhaltigkeit, Ressourcen schaffen, bleibende Werte, Respekt vor alten Traditionen, Fairem Handel, Heilendem Umweltbewusstsein.

Unabhängig - Frei - Überpolitisch - Zukunftsweisend



This is the New Hanseatic League based internationally on a new worldview


The difference between the analogue world view, which is predominant, and the new world view lies in the objective and the fundamental knowledge that atoms are different than previously assumed by science and research. (There is no final scientific explanation of what  or who atoms are)

The guarantee for a future that is given to us humans is in the micro and quantum area.

The science, research and teaching of the current world view, which affects as a monopoly on knowledge, must also be internationally recognized and respected by the members of the Neue Hanse. However, the new science speculates that the foundation of the current world view has followed a small observation error that can be explained from the history of an ancient, observing, apparent science that works with only one physical perception zone.

While physicists, like Max Planck in the first half of the 20th century, were still able to speak of spirit and matter, in whose consideration God was to be found, physicists and astronomers are now getting into a physical / future-oriented statement that corresponds to the intellect of us humans esoteric taboo zone.

Excluded from the monopoly of knowledge, the path of obedience leads back to the feeding places of lobbyism.

While there were innumerable, diverse cultures, religions, worldviews as well as early sciences and social forms in the early human history, today we have to live with a monopoly of knowledge, educational monopoly and opinion monopoly that imposes standardized behavior, consumption, and thought patterns on us.

At best, you can live well with it!

But what if system errors have crept in that apparently cannot be recognized by us humans with the tools of current science and research?

System errors in the evolution and creation segment regenerate automatically, immediately or over millennia. System errors in early cultures often led to the downfall of individual cultures at different times.

Aren't system errors in our present and future, predominantly global monoculture supposedly leading to the widespread demise of broad sections of the population? Have we been system blind in such a case?

The Neue Hanse international establishes itself as a “dual system” for and with the prevailing global monopoly of knowledge, monopoly on education and monopoly of opinion in order to prevent the scenarios described above.

In wise foresight, compatible new sciences, teachings and innovations should be promptly created, which in turn will create new economic sectors and financial markets

Members present their goods and services worldwide with their own economic and trade philosophy.

These newly created areas are not directed against the existing economic and financial system, but enrich the existing markets many times over.



The actor at Neue Hanse International has a name: TRAVNIX



Upon request, “figureheads” of the New Hanseatic League represent your company or your institution as front manager at consultations, congresses and events in Germany and abroad

 National and international projects for world understanding - future planning


These are independent personalities who take on administrative or part-time administrative duties as company envoys and country representatives. In this way, university professors and public figures can support you in important tasks. This gives your projects a boost and recognition.

Corresponding contracts must be signed in advance, which contain confidentiality and confidentiality agreements.

The virtue of traditional, Hanseatic, respectable merchant guild is paramount.


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