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Take responsibility for a new cultural era!

Redefine, consolidate, give future to traditional international trade relations, international understanding and science. Respect and protect people and cultures!

Weg von der Schnelllebigkeit – hin zu neuen Traditionen

Neue Traditionen leben von Beständigkeit, Langlebigkeit, Nachhaltigkeit, Ressourcen schaffen, bleibende Werte, Respekt vor alten Traditionen, Fairem Handel, Heilendem Umweltbewusstsein.

Unabhängig - Frei - Überpolitisch - Zukunftsweisend



Members of the Neue Hanse international


Membership of the Neue Hanse international offers them advantages like no other organization worldwide:

In the first place is the human being

The Neue Hanse international is an association of people, not of companies. This means that as a person you personally have a home in which you can bring your company or institution. It is not about passive membership, but about active cooperation between people who have friends all over the world.

In second place is your company or your institution

Neue Hanse international is an active partner of your company or your institution. As an actor, the Neue Hanse international represents its company or institution within the framework of its guidelines and statutes for the Neue Hanse international.

It is not about passive membership, but about active cooperation, which establishes and maintains partnerships worldwide. The activities and representations of your company or your institution can be planned, exercised and maintained by the organizational area TRAVNIX. Depending on how you want to run your company, you can transfer administrative tasks to TRAVNIX.

The basis is provided by the new science that is present for people and the earth

Neue Hanse international is a shareholder in the scientific organization YourEarth. The latest research and science are available to members.

Profit rates: Members become percentage shareholders in patents

Neue Hanse international offers members a percentage of future patents and licenses.

Education, culture, events, leisure, discounts and privileges

The Neue Hanse international offers members discounts and privileges, which members in turn give to the Neue Hanse international fund.


500 € - membership in the start-up phase, combined with or without an additional contribution at your discretion. Upon request, a free entry can be made in the online company directory of Neue Hanse International. The status acquired through a € 500 membership in the founding phase is taken over when Neue Hanse International GmbH / later AG is founded.

A certified membership certificate with the key identification explained below will be sent to you.

Foundation phase

We are still delaying the start-up phase with subsequent registration in the commercial register in order to gain as many founding members as possible. The possibility to participate in accordance with the statutes is thus given. It is intended to achieve great systemic relevance.


Memberships to be acquired

after the establishment of Neue Hanse International GmbH with a statutory alignment to AG

Normal affiliation     € 1.000 - € 1,999

Silver affiliation         € 2,000 - € 4,999

Golden affiliation     € 5,000 - € 9,999

Platinum property € 10,000 - € 49,999

Premium property € 50,000 - € 100,000

Company shares from € 100,000 can still become shareholders


You can acquire annual memberships in different categories every year. If you do not want to acquire a membership in one year, the acquired status remains in the key allocation for 3 years. You can cancel your status 3 months before it expires. A monetary reimbursement is excluded. Therefore, in such a case, we recommend selling your status or transferring it to another person.

The key assignment

The ranking for future rewards depends on what amount you paid and when as part of your membership. e.g. You were the first to have a premium membership with € 100,000. has acquired. Then this will be documented in your membership certificate with 1-04 September 2020 / 100,000. Or, you were the 212th who bought a normal membership with 2000 €. Then this will be documented in your membership certificate with 212-04 September 2020 / 2,000. The time of payment and the amount of the amount are based on the bonuses, remuneration and the ranking for the purchase of shares. The respective keys are worked out annually by the Hanseatic Council and approved at the Hanseatic Council meetings (shareholders' meetings). The operations are monitored by the supervisory board of Neue Hanse International.

We are also happy to accept small donations with which 
we can get our research projects off the ground. Account holder: SeaAirCompany GmbH (project sponsor) Purpose: NHI funding Deutsche Bank DE69 2307 0700 0739 2491 00 DEUTDEDB237

Application for membership - Neuen Hanse international

Please apply for your membership using the form below - we will contact you after the exam


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