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Take responsibility for a new cultural era!

Redefine, consolidate, give future to traditional international trade relations, international understanding and science. Respect and protect people and cultures!

Weg von der Schnelllebigkeit – hin zu neuen Traditionen

Neue Traditionen leben von Beständigkeit, Langlebigkeit, Nachhaltigkeit, Ressourcen schaffen, bleibende Werte, Respekt vor alten Traditionen, Fairem Handel, Heilendem Umweltbewusstsein.

Unabhängig - Frei - Überpolitisch - Zukunftsweisend






The VIP-Lounge of the New Hanseatic League International



A short foreword to avoid misunderstandings

For the most part, all of this luxury is only possible because resources are borrowed from an earth's population. Neue Hanse International combines corresponding VIP projects with environmentally healing active projects. Special, new VIP concepts are available for you on request, which are really royal. To serve the people of the world and the environment, that is InterRoyal.

The dual system of the New Hanse International makes it possible to explain what is apparently unreasonable but extremely useful to an economy and to heal with reason.   We can do that!

Come into the carefree VIP enjoyment of a new world!


Feel and experience the feelings of life and promote the environment

As a gold, platinum or premium member of Neue Hanse International, you have the opportunity to become a member of InterRoyal. This VIP service is still under construction, but here too there is a key assignment for memberships. It is a privilege to be a member of Neue Hanse International, but we would like to offer premium members and shareholders a special service that is far above normal and reveals a level that leaves little to be desired.



In this segment of the luxury upper class there are several areas to be pampered or to enjoy special privileges. Well-being oases can be created in a natural environment, but also in artificially created surroundings and lingering zones.


It is then your choice as a connoisseur to choose the InterRoyal VIP service that gives you relaxation and healing effects. Managers who are particularly stressed out, but also artists, composers, arrangers, architects and product designers should indulge their pent-up desires, to relax and unwind where it is really inspiring. If the service around the event field shows relaxation, enjoyment, inspiration, motivation, healing and full power, which refreshes your spirits and lets you revive them, then we at InterRoyal have done a good job. Our service team receives these objectives along the way when we approach you and accompany you to the VIP area of InterRoyal / Neue Hanse International.




Together with our members and shareholders, we are planning to expand the InterRoyal VIP area with an exclusive VIP Card.









The VIP-Lounge of the New Hanseatic League International


The InterRoyal VIP Lounge is not only a meeting place for gold, platinum and premium members, but also a place where managers and board members set the course for their companies. It starts with the choice of location.



Neue Hanse International intends to create a home for its members in many cities around the world. Members of suitable, sophisticated locations, hotels, airports, marinas, castles and other places where one feels comfortable are predestined to create separate zones for members of the Neue Hanse International.



Creative members design buildings, cultural areas, rooms, furniture, interiors as well as service segments that meet the high expectations of our members especially for the Neue Hanse International.

We would be happy to receive your heartfelt suggestion.


InterRoyal partner

The InterRoyal partners have the utmost respect and recognition. Only by supplying the highest quality products and services is it possible for us at InterRoyal to complete our VIP service extensively and sustainably in the expected quality.


InterRoyal promotes environmentally recreational projects and sustainability





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